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Are you constantly fighting with your child to eat healthy foods?


Do T.V. and video games occupy most of your child's free time?


Why are food choices and exercise an important part for healthy development? 

Adults have programs like BeachBody and Herbalife to promote exercise and healthy eating. It is important that children and adolescents acquire these skills early on in their development so they do not struggle through life with unhealthy forms of weight loss.  As a fitness enthusiast and a spinning instructor, Dr. J believes that a positive mind as well as a strong body are both components of healthy development in children and adolescents. Moreover, research has shown that exercise helps improve mood and focus, thus making it easier for children to learn new information, be less impulsive, even helping to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD, without medication (See References). This research has led Dr. J to include fun outdoor activities and safe exercise to promote your child's positive self-image and effective learning skills. Dr. Dahan is in the process of receiving her personal training certification, which will include youth exercise specialization. 


Dr. J also provides hands-on nutritional guidance to children and adolescents wanting to learn how to eat balanced and nutritious meals. Research has shown that certain nutrients can affect the brain, as well as the body and that deficiencies of these nutrients may be correlated to mental health illnesses. Nutritional neuroscience, which is how nutrition relates to the nervous system, has become an emerging discipline. For example, nutritionists promote eating cashews, which contain the vitamin B6, to help reduce depression. Psychotropic medication may be beneficial to some people, but others may not want to deal with some of the side effects. Dr. J's nutritional guidance in and out of the kitchen will help your child eat and enjoy balanced meals, avoid harmful effects of junk foods, and may help with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and others. 


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