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You Can Do It! 

"My son Julian has been tutoring with Jessica for over two months now.  He is very eager to learn with her and has an amazing time playing learning games. I am especially pleased with the approach taken to discover what his learning style is and what motivates him.  This approach helps keep him excited about the process and makes it easier for him to grasp all learning concepts.  Jessica is very gentle yet knows how to push him to strive further.  Julian has learned quite a deal of new things in such a short amount of time.  He looks forward to his time with Jessica and I do too as this has helped him advance in school.  I am very thankful for Jessica and would strongly recommend her to anyone. She is patient, kind and great at observing, studying and knowing how to take your child to the next level."
- (mother of 5 year old boy)

- (10 year old girl) 

"Dr. J helped me with my multiplication and always no matter what she helps me. She is so nice to me. I love her. She always gets me ahead."

- (8 year old girl)

-RV (11 year old boy)

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