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Dr. Dahan is a developmental psychologist and licensed mental health therapist in the state of Florida. She received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. She was fascinated by children’s resilience despite difficult circumstances. Her undergraduate thesis, published in Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies Journal in 2008, regarding her work in Israel after the Israel-Lebanon war of 2007, intensified her passion to work with children. 

Dr. Dahan continued her work with children while obtaining her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Florida International University. She worked at the Child Anxiety and Phobia Program, a research clinic under the auspices of the Department of Psychology. She provided Cognitive Behavioral Treatment to children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, worries, and fears. During this time, she also tutored youth ages 5 to 16 years old in various subjects. Her areas of expertise include working with children, adolescents and adults with severe low self-esteem, interpersonal and social skills deficits, emotional and behavioral dysregulation and anxiety/depression. Dr. Dahan provides individual and family therapy, as well as parenting classes and consulting services to schools and educational centers. 

Dr. Dahan’s mission is to help children, adolescents and adults maximize their potential by decreasing anxiety and depression, strengthening their bodies and promoting healthy development in both body and mind. TheDrJway quest is to give individuals the tools they need to succeed by growing their minds, enlightening their souls, and strengthening their bodies. This includes methods of learning, organizational skills, changing maladaptive thinking into optimal thoughts, facing one’s fears, etc. Dr. J also promotes physical health in conjunction with emotional wellbeing. She is currently working towards receiving her personal training certification. 


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